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Four Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started College

You just started college and you may have a campus map, and a list of campus activities, but no one really gives you the inside scoop. Here are 4 major things I wish I knew starting out freshman year:

  • Get to know your professors. Introduce yourself, ask questions, visit them during office hours. This shows your desire to learn and succeed. In this day and age, it’s more about who you know rather than what you know. Professors are your lifeline to recommendations.

  • Awareness. Be aware of your own academics. Many times advisors tend to make simple mistakes that can cause a delayed graduation date. I recommend that you have your advisor create a 4 year sample plan for you to follow and cross off as you go, but make sure It matches your curriculum. Stay on top of your grades as well because professors also tend to make mistakes. Be in charge of your own success.

  • Budget. College books are so expensive and most freshman’s think that they have to purchase them from their institutes bookstore. Please note that amazon and chegg are great for brand new/used/rental books at a way cheaper price than your local bookstore.

  • Balance. College is all about balance. Yes, you can have cake and eat it too. Manage your time wisely so you can get to enjoy some free time. Get a planner! Write down important events, due dates, and things that tend to slip your mind. Most professors aren’t going to always be right by your side to remind you of things so it will be up to you to remember.

So these are my top 4 tips I wish I knew about college before arriving. There are many more things, but these are the highlights. Enjoy, its going to be a fast roller coaster.

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