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Faith Over Fear

When I first started this journey, over two years ago, I let everything and everyone stop me. I would get so consumed in what would go wrong I never stopped to think of all the things that could go right. I knew I wanted it to be called The Excellence Project and I knew I wanted to help kids experience education differently. But what was "it"? A foundation...a service organization...a hashtag? This took a lot of prayer, fasting, and fine tuning. I finally decided to step out on faith and begin to share the vision God laid on my heart. This is how the Excellence Project Inc was born. This is more than a virtual mentoring program. Its the beginning of a journey to help students have opportunities that add value to their education and create a safe space to enjoy the things life has to offer. Growing up I was connected to people in my community that made sure I experienced life from more than one point of view. Outings, workshops, and schools I went to all molded me into who I am and helped me get to this place. I am doing this in honor of my grandparents, the late Arthur and Onell Coachman. They taught me the value of community, love, and education. It’s time to pay it forward!

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